Your Guide to this Site

    Business Executives. The Management Imperatives set out essentials for you. Then you may want to go deeper into the Manifesto itself, which is grounded in those essentials.

    Business Managers. If you are charged with business innovation or operating or changing an existing line of business, the Manifesto is written specifically for you. We suggest starting with the Preface. Keep in mind that the Manifesto is grounded in, and aligned with, the Management Imperatives.

    IT Project Participants. No matter what your involvement with IT projects, read the Preface and the Manifesto. Then to address some of your specific concerns, review the Sidebar for IT Project Professionals.

    Software Innovators. To relate the Manifesto to the urgent need for platform innovation, read the Sidebar for the Software Industry and study its call for Reconfiguration Agility.

    Everyone. To assess where your organization currently stands with respect to business agility, see the Business Agility Checklist. To understand the basic concepts of the business agility space refer to the Core Concept Model Diagram and the companion Definition of Core Concepts.




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