The Business Agility Checklist


     by Roger T. Burlton, Ronald G. Ross & John A. Zachman1

    Have you achieved business agility?

    Not unless...

    • You have minimized risk of catastrophic failure.
    • Your business managers can make simple course corrections without fear of prohibitive IT costs.
    • Your business managers have time to consider the big picture instead of always fighting fires.
    • Your customers get consistent business results through all channels.
    • You can demonstrate compliance anywhere, anytime, in real time.
    • You can manage complexity at scale as a matter of course.
    • Your core business processes are not impacted when you lose key workers.
    • You do not have to reinvent, respecify and redesign core business knowledge from scratch on each new project.
    • You coordinate and disseminate core business knowledge to workers in a systematic way.
    • You know what your business rules are and you can change them easily.
    • Your corporate memory is automated and free of disconnects and gaps.
    • Your software release cycle is largely irrelevant to changes in business policy.


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    1 Thanks to Gladys S.W. Lam for input to the content and organization of the Manifesto and to Sasha Aganova for shepherding the work through to completion. Top

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